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NOTE: Other services may operate along part or all of this route. For full details of all services between any two stops on this route please check the Journey Planner >

First Cornwall 1 / 1A

Serving: Penzance bus station, Penzance Centre, Alexandra Road Penzance, Wherry Town, Newlyn Bridge, Gwavas Crossroads, Paul, Sheffield, Lamorna Turn, Drift Crossroads, St Buryan, Crows An Wra Crossroads, Sennen Cove, Sennen First & Last, Lands End, Lands End, Porthcurno, Treen, St Buryan, Lamorna Turn, Sheffield, Paul, Gwavas Crossroads, Newlyn Bridge, Wherry Town, Alexandra Road Penzance, Penzance Centre & Penzance bus station

Phone: 01209 719988
Valid: from 01/07

Please check with the service operator before making an important journey.

Penzance - Sennen - Lands End - Penzance

MON to SAT§ §
Penzance bus station.08:2008:2511:2015:2017:40
Penzance Centre.08:2308:2811:2315:2317:43
Alexandra Road Penzance.08:27----11:2715:2717:47
Wherry Town.08:27----11:2715:2717:47
Newlyn Bridge.08:29----11:2915:2917:49
Gwavas Crossroads.08:32----11:3215:3217:52
Lamorna Turn.08:39----11:3915:3917:59
Drift Crossroads06:55----08:37------------
St Buryan----08:4608:4611:4615:4618:06
Crows An Wra Crossroads07:0008:5308:5311:5315:5318:13
Sennen Cove----09:0209:0212:0216:0218:22
Sennen First & Last07:0909:0709:0712:0716:0718:27
Lands End----09:1209:1212:1216:1218:32
Lands End----09:1509:1512:1716:3218:40
St Buryan.09:4309:4312:4517:0019:08
Lamorna Turn.09:5009:5012:5217:0719:15
Gwavas Crossroads.09:5709:5712:5917:1419:22
Newlyn Bridge.10:0010:0013:0217:1719:25
Wherry Town.10:0010:0013:0217:1719:25
Alexandra Road Penzance.10:0210:0213:0417:1919:27
Penzance Centre.10:0610:0613:0817:2319:31
Penzance bus station.10:1210:1213:1417:2919:34

Penzance - Sennen - Lands End - Penzance

Penzance bus station09:2013:2017:20
Penzance Centre09:2213:2217:22
Alexandra Road Penzance09:2613:2617:26
Wherry Town09:2613:2617:26
Newlyn Bridge09:2813:2817:28
Gwavas Crossroads09:3113:3117:31
Lamorna Turn09:4013:4017:40
St Buryan09:4713:4717:47
Crows-an-Wra Crossroads09:5413:5417:54
Sennen Cove10:0314:0318:03
Sennen First and Last10:0814:0818:08
Lands End10:1314:1318:13
Lands End10:1614:1618:16
St Buryan10:4414:4418:44
Lamorna Turn10:5114:5118:51
Gwavas Crossroads11:0015:0019:00
Newlyn Bridge11:0315:0319:03
Wherry Town11:0315:0319:03
Alexandra Road Penzance11:0515:0519:05
Penzance Centre11:0715:0719:07
Penzance bus station11:1115:1119:11

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TuOTuesdays only TuXTuesdays excepted
WOWednesdays only WXWednesdays excepted
ThOThursdays only ThXThursdays excepted
FOFridays only FXFridays excepted
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Hourly pattern of service

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