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Welcome to Xephos Internet!

Hurray!The xephos internet database now contains over 2.2 million journeys - where a single "journey" consists of the times for several stops for a range of days and dates. To put this in perspective, the entire national rail data represents about 80,000 to 120,000 journeys, depending on the time of year, timetable changeovers, etc. So, congratulations and thank you to the data team for all of their hard work!!!

UK Bus Awards, Winner 2006 - "Although it has been in existence for some time, the judges felt that the Xephos system was a truly notable development and seemed to have the potential to have been used as the core of the national service that is currently provided by other information systems. Xephos appears to have distinct advantages in terms of ease of use, speed and, not least, cost."
Bus & Coach Professional Technical Development Award, 1st November 2006.

Rather than Transport Direct promising to "build on the achievements of Traveline", ministers, I suggested, would have done better to base the new operation on Xephos."
David McKie, The Guardian, 13th January 2005.

"Cream of the crop - 100 most useful websites: a small team at Xephos are doing it a lot better [than Transport Direct]."
The Guardian, 16th December 2004.

"Bus journeys suggested by the [Transport Direct] website sometimes involved illogical routings and often took more time... [in one instance] Xephos found an alternative that was six hours faster and involved only one change"
Paul Marston, The Telegraph, 29th November 2004.

"Having tried both Traveline and Xephos, it is clear the latter is streets ahead."
Christian Wolmar, Feburary 2004.

"Xephos is spectacularly better, as well as much quicker, than Traveline"
David McKie, The Guardian, 3rd July 2003.

You must register to access the information on this site - you need only provide your name and a valid e-mail address. After a free trial period (currently 7 days or 100 hits, whichever expires the sooner), you will be invited to take out either a monthly (£2 pcm), or a pay-as-you-go (£5 for 250 hits), subscription to continue to access this site.

We consider the creation and maintenance of a national, multi-modal, public transport information web site a considerable achievement - a view which, we are glad to say, many of you share (see also The Guardian article above). Other than our dedicated data team, and talented software engineer, we have done this with very few resources and only a little commercial support. If we are to continue with, and build on this success, we need (and appreciate) your support.

Please register today and urge your friends, colleagues and employers to do the same. Thank you!

This site is designed to provide fast and effective access to integrated public transport information throughout Great Britain.

Our database contains the Train Service Database from Network Rail, all National Express coach routes, and the Great Britain Bus Timetable with over 20,000 national, regional and local bus services.

Please visit our Data State page for details on the quality of bus information in your area.

For more information on the software, please refer to our About Page, or visit one of our other sites:

Please let us know if you experience any problems using this site.

All comments and suggestions are welcome.


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