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Quality of Information

The public transport database (including the train service database, timetables, and stop geocodes) is published and maintained by tbctimes using their "best endeavours" - often relying on the goodwill of transport operators and local authorities to keep everything up-to-date.

This means that the quality and coverage of bus information provided by this site will vary from area-to-area and from time-to-time without notice.

Users are strongly advised to visit our Data State page for a summary of the current state of bus information across the country and to use their trial period to satisfy themselves as to the usefulness or otherwise of the information provided on this site.

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If your journey involves critical connections, or infrequent bus services, you are advised to make further enquiries with the operators concerned.

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The public transport database (including the train service database, timetables, and stop geocodes) is published and maintained by tbctimes. If you have a comments, questions, or complaints about the information provided by this site, please contact the Data Manager.

Please remember that the information on this site is managed and published using our "best endeavours" only. WE DO NOT OPERATOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT SERVICES. If you have a comment, question or complaint about the running of any service detailed on this site, you should contact the operator directly.

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